3 Great Reasons to Remove Fragrance from Your Life

I must admit… fragrance was an addiction of mine. I still stop myself smelling all the candles in TJ Maxx when I am standing at the check out every once in awhile.

But I am here to tell you cutting fragrance was one of the best and easiest things I have on my natural/non-toxic journey so far.

1.You Don’t Know What Makes Up “Fragrance”

The EWG states that the average fragrance is made up of 14 chemicals, which are kept secret, and do not have to be disclosed on a products label. Since these fragrances are considered “trade secrets” companies are protected from not having to disclose this information

2.It Can Make You Sick

One of the hormone disruptors listed is EWG’s Dirty Dozen of Endocrine Disruptors is phthalates. Phthalate has been shown to lead to hormone changes, diabetes and obesity, it has also been linked to cancer and early puberty. Phthalate is often found under the catch all ingredient of “fragrance,” as it helps smells last longer. Unless a product is listed at phthalate free there is no guarantee that the product does or does not have phthalate. The same can be said about all the other unlisted chemicals that make up “fragrance” since they do not have to be disclosed it is hard to truly know how many are making us sick.

3.There is a Better Alternative

Ridding “fragrance” from your life is an easy change. If “fragrance” is in the ingredient list, do not buy the product. Switch to unscented products that you can add essential oils to for scent. Instead of burning candles switch to essential oil diffusing. When you are shopping there are now many companies that will scent their products with essential oils. However, just because it says it is scented with essential oils on the packaging doesn’t mean that the product is free of “fragrance.” Always turn the packaging around and read the ingredient list.

Removing “fragrance” from your life doesn’t mean that you suddenly can’t enjoy nice smells. Simply swap them out for scents of a natural source. Your nose and health will thank you.

Whats your favorite essential oil combination?

~Millennial Green Girl

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